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The Geek 05-10-2006 07:00 PM

vba CMPS GARS block
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This is just a quick vba Module I threw together to try and please the 'Damnit - come up with vba support' people.

This will create 3 different layouts depending on the modules settings. If you want to create more than 1 block, make a physical copy of the file and rename it. Then add the copy as a new vba module.

Im not really supporting this, just thought I would whip it out.

Be sure to read the gars.txt file that comes with the package - and also be sure to edit gars.php to adjust your settings.

** updated 4.3.07. Make sure you edit your settings and update your adv_portal_gars2 template with the one in the readme.


The Geek 05-10-2006 07:01 PM

BTW: This may not work on versions earlier than 2.0 Beta 1 (havent tried it yet).

gothic 05-10-2006 07:15 PM

You give in too easily my friend :eek: and may I also say thakyou VERY much
:D :D

gothic 05-10-2006 07:23 PM

Just fired it up on my local dev server. Absolutly perfect, thankyou.

p.s. methinks you may have made a lot of people happy

smo 05-11-2006 12:20 AM

yeeehaw...thats fancy dancy Geek..good work releasing that for us.

I know youre not giving support, but I get a nice white page.

nbento 05-11-2006 02:42 AM

I can already say THANK YOU
You dont know how happy you just made me today :)

The Geek 05-11-2006 08:28 AM

smo - did you create the templates I put in the gars.txt file? Is the entire page blank?

nbento 05-11-2006 03:20 PM

I would love to stay happy :)
Imported, created the templates with the code in the .txt file, but unfortunatly its not showing on vba page. for some reason... I dont know if its the vba mess up or something, becouse not even the feauturedarticles hack I can put to work.

The Geek 05-11-2006 04:03 PM

did you add a new php module block and is it active?

gothic 05-11-2006 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by The Geek
did you add a new php module block and is it active?

Also make sure you update all pages, though I'm probably the only one around to keep forgetting things like that... it's an age thing you know :o :o

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