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arachn1d 05-09-2006 12:54 AM

Problem with opening threads
All of the sudden today none of the actual threads will open. it just shows a blank page.

It displays the forumdisplay template, but "showthread" isn't working.


(only happens with gars system)

arachn1d 05-09-2006 03:00 AM

I figured this was caused by that "google adsense" module that I followed the tutorial in.

For some reason it was causing the error. I assume it's because of how it caches templates or something.
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The Geek 05-09-2006 04:38 AM

can you check your error log? I wont be a caching issue as that would only cause another query - however it may have something to do with buffering the output.

arachn1d 05-09-2006 07:10 AM

Where is the error log at?

The Geek 05-09-2006 12:44 PM

Your apache error log
(i.e. /var/logs/httpd/error) :)

arachn1d 05-10-2006 01:39 AM

I don't have access to those as I don't own the server.

Not to mention, I just tried again and it bassically messes up with anything adsense related.

Here is the module code:

if ($stage == "display")
eval('$output.="' . fetch_template('GARS_adsense_referral') . '";');
elseif($stage == "settings")
print_description_row("This module will display Google Adsense Referral");

I have like 3/4 different types. Any template I try just messes up.

arachn1d 05-10-2006 01:46 AM

This really sucks because now I can't get any revenue :(
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The Geek 05-10-2006 09:09 AM

check these links out:


arachn1d 05-10-2006 11:49 AM

Seems to have worked by removing the ?> at the end of the module file.


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