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The Geek 05-05-2006 07:38 PM

GARS 2.0 Beta 1 Release Discussion
Please read this thread carefully before trudging off to download and upgrade!

I the Geek, so do profoundly declare on this day (Independence day in Mexico) that GARS 2.0 Beta 1 shall henceforth be released for all valid license holders to partake.

Please note the following points:
  • This is the first beta release. Aside from poor documentation, hard coded phrases and some hard coded template elements, I am unaware (as I type this) of any serious outstanding issues. HOWEVER there are bound to be some.
  • Please refer to thy Bug Tracker BEFORE installation and also while you are testing to report any Bugs.
  • Please note that GARS 2.0 is encrypted with Ioncube. You MUST HAVE IONCUBE LOADERS PROPERLY INSTALLED BEFORE INSTALLING GARS 2.0!!! If you do not have the loaders already installed, you can download them by clicking here. Please note that there are some pre-requisites for ioncube to run (i.e. safemode must be off).
  • You will only be able to run your package on a local machine OR the domain listed in the license manager. If the domain is incorrect, you must PM me so I can update it (that is, if you want the damn thing to work).
  • GARS 2.0 is not available via the download link, its only available from the license manager here.
  • You will NOT be able to revert to GARS 1.0x if you get giddy and install it over an old version.
  • I would suggest you back up your system before you install.
  • Documentation is pretty non existent right now. The good thing is that most documentation from the online GARS 1.0x manual is applicable with some exceptions outlined below
  • Make sure you revert templates if needed after the install. The latest GARS_pb template has a lot of changes to it mostly thanks to LiveWire who put forward a lot of great ways to improve the look and feel.
  • A lot of phrases are hard coded. As most of you know, I don't fully phrase until RC status.
  • Read the README for important upgrade/install information
IMPORTANT: I am out of town til Tuesday (like the band!). So support for GARS 2.0 will be... mmm... pretty much non existent. You play with this at ye own peril!

Custom Fields
  • Yes, they are here! The ability to add extra fields from the admincp instead of making messing mods! There are around 10 different types of custom fields and Ill most likely add a couple more for final release.
  • I don't have time in this post to go through all of the features, however I wanted to point a few things out that could do your head in otherwise.
  • Create custom fields via admincp->gars->custom fields
  • Note that you can not change a field type after you have made it.
  • After a custom field is created, you MUST assign it to a type for it to be of any use to you. You can assign a custom field to a type via the type editor (admincp->gars->type).
  • Most custom fields are of no use unless you can see them! Therefore you must register the custom field module. name: Custom fields file:custom_fields.php templates: GARS_custom_container,GARS_custom_date,GARS_custom _input,GARS_custom_text,GARS_custom_textarea,GARS_ custom_thumbnail and any other templates you may want to include.
  • Once your module is registered, add it to whatever module sets you want
  • When its been added to a module set, you must edit the module's settings and tick the appropriate fields you want to display in that custom field box. This allows you to group and show them how you see fit as GARS lets you add as many of the same module (with different configurations) as you want.
  • The module settings allow you to override the container and also the custom fields template used. Leave them blank to use the default ones.
I guess that is the most important undocumented bit. I've got to start organising myself to bail down to London. Ill keep bobbing in to see if there are any urgent issues I need to address before I go in the morning but please remember:
I am releasing this now for those experienced GARS users that are eager to crack on with testing. I would encourage you to hang fire on installing if you are unsure about ioncube installation or you think you are going to need support. In other words: this is getting released now for the die hards ;)

Please keep bugs in the bug tracker and troubleshooting in the troubleshooting forum. Keep this thread for discussing the release in general.


Bluestrike2 05-05-2006 07:56 PM

First reply! :D

Very nice. I just installed it.

gothic 05-05-2006 07:58 PM

You're a star m8. Will now have a new toy to play with over the weekend.
:D :D
p.s. installed locally flawlessly, looking good.

azn_romeo_4u 05-05-2006 08:58 PM

Where can I download the older versions? Can I still download the older versions? I just I don't know what to do...I tried to do the download workaround, but it doesn't seem to work

Webmist 05-05-2006 09:18 PM

Me Too
Just installed locally. Will have fun this weekend testing it out.

The Geek 05-05-2006 09:21 PM

Azn, sorry about that. Youre sorted now - however you will need to drop me a quick PM for your URL to access the license manager downloads as it didnt convert over.
Regardless, you can still access old versions via the download link.


Bluestrike2 05-05-2006 10:59 PM

I'm liking, but I don't see an option for synopsis at the moment. Probably disabled.

Anyhow, enjoy London and not having to look at a computer for an entire weekend!

azn_romeo_4u 05-05-2006 11:00 PM

thanks and pm sent

arachn1d 05-05-2006 11:04 PM

If installed now, and upgraded later will anything be lost?

Webmist 05-06-2006 07:22 AM

Module Set Question
Before I go and make something out of nothing. Wanna make sure it's not just me, cause it could be. Has anyone tried to make a new module set? I can edit and it will save change but not create a new one unless I use the old gars_admin.php file.

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