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KTBleeding 09-03-2005 04:55 PM

Changing the name of the first page?
I'm just curious cause I haven't been able to figure this one out yet. How would we go about changing the title of the first page to something other than "Page 1".

If it's not a feature yet, I'm sure it's one that would be included in the future.. if that's the case, then no worries.

The Geek 09-03-2005 05:02 PM

its not a feature - To be honest - im not sure how other than an extra field or bbcode or setting

KTBleeding 09-03-2005 05:22 PM

Oh, alright. No biggie.. I can just change it to something default. Like "Overview" or something through the phrases.

The Geek 09-03-2005 06:34 PM

Its not phrased yet. I think ill make it a type setting though. What do you think?

KTBleeding 09-03-2005 08:43 PM

That would be a good idea. Great idea infact. :)

Lizard King 10-12-2005 03:13 PM

For Page 1 is it possible to get the topic name or is there any way for me to translate it ?
My members dont like Page 1 in a Turkish board :P

The Geek 10-12-2005 03:41 PM

I was going to make a default entry for the first page per type. Would that suffice? That way you could put whatever you want.

Or hey, maybe the byline would be a good one!

Sniper 10-12-2005 04:00 PM

would it not be possible to use a tag? [firstpage=whatever] or use the first link in the post?

The Geek 10-12-2005 04:11 PM

Possibly, however most people dont ever even use the break option for some lame reason.

Maybe a text box, if that gets left blank, go for the default type, if thats blank, go for the title?

Sniper 10-12-2005 04:37 PM

I know we'd need to use the break option, in mose cases we'd have "introduction" as the first page name, but its important to have page names.

text box does sound like a option.

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