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Bad Bunny 08-29-2005 10:57 PM

The table of contents looks awesome for the GARS. VERY nice work.

The Geek 08-29-2005 11:03 PM

Cheers :)

Was about the easiest mod to do! Was planning to do a user profile one too. THat should be an easy addition as well.

Bad Bunny 08-29-2005 11:10 PM

For my personal tastes, I would say place the info that floats on the right of the article under the table of contents. It looks a little wacky having a narrow little article.

The Geek 08-29-2005 11:27 PM

Agreed - just trying to show off as many of the mod zones as possible. Many people dig a column looking display - I think it sucks on a fixed width table liek this though :)

Bad Bunny 08-29-2005 11:31 PM

Well, my computer won't go much wider, so it's good you are designing with us smaller screens in mind. *hugs his ibook*

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