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The Geek 08-19-2005 02:06 PM

Its alive.... ALIVE
Welcome to where we make you vBulletin dreams a full-fledged freaking reality.

Before anyone starts posting and asking - let me cut to the chase: There are no add ons here right now as they are all in the process of getting finished up. Hell... I dont even know how you managed to get here yet as no one is even supposed to know about this place!

This site is designed to support and now sell the various scripts and add ons for vBulletin. Though some of these projects and scripts are still availible for vB 3.0x at, I am porting and reworking them for retail only for vB 3.5

Why am I now charging? Im charging diddly squat for these scripts. I always enjoyed putting free scripts out for everyone to use however with all the work that was required to port and rewtrite these scripts for vB3.5 (way over 100 hours in total), I have decided to limit distribution only to those that feel that its worth supporting with a small mandatory dontation of fixed amount (a fee!). The truth of the matter is that I know ill never make a fraction back on the time I spent making them... but at least my time wont be taken up by those who cant be asked to look at the readme.

Anyway... this project will allow me to focus on doing what I kick ass at and really nJoy: Making vBulletin sing and dance.


spence 08-23-2005 04:23 AM

Congratulations! I am very glad that you have taken this step forward, and I am certain that this site is destined to be a great success. Quality sells itself!

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