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The Geek 10-04-2005 12:40 PM

Implimented features for next release
Hi Guys. I just want to make sure I have all feature requests in for the next iteration. If there is something I have missed. If so, please provide a brief description and a link to the post/thread where it was being discussed.

Here is the current 'new features' status:
  1. Limit threads in forum display - Done. There is now a setting per type that allows you to override vb's maxthreads option. Therefore you can now specify 10 threads per page or 100
  2. Default alphabetical sort method - Done. There is now an option to automatically sort alphabetically by title.
What I will not be planning on implementing:
  1. Attachment system. vB's is pretty full featured enough (especially with vB's new iniline attachment ability).
Aside from those 2 things and the known issues (post as, GAL integration) I think thats it (hence the reason why I am asking!).

badblu 10-04-2005 12:55 PM


The 2 things i want are now included thaks :)
Glass Bubblers

Lizard King 10-04-2005 03:07 PM

If we want to change a module we have to delete it and re add the module to the correct place we want to place. Can there be a option which we can move the module easily any place we want like the one in vba cmps :)
i believe it will help us a lot.
Also is it possible to have a search module where we can place in at forumdisplay.

Also one important question :D Is there any way to have a module for cmps which will show featured articles as same as on forumdisplay or showthread :)

I will think more :P

acers 10-04-2005 04:36 PM

moving the modules would be grt addon..

btw geek did you look at this
if so were they fixed?

Also would it be possible to pull of an addon which displays remote hosted pics.
eg imageshack thumbs.. it would be attachments kind only.. you enter the links to imageshack thumbs and it displays them in ordered manner. Will save site BW i guess and as it is most people use imageshack.

The Geek 10-04-2005 05:10 PM

I originally had it so the modules could change order - but it turned into a nightmare to code for. I agree its needed so ill look at it fresh.

Im not sure what you mean about pulling remote hosted pics. Do you mean in a seperate module or inline?

Lizard King 10-04-2005 05:27 PM

Geek i know this is an extreme request but is there a way that a module can recall some information from imdb like the movies rating etc..
i will use one part of this for my movie forum and that would me awesome .

The Geek 10-04-2005 06:18 PM

I dont see why not. Modules are like superman - they can do damn near anything ;)

Saying that I wouldnt know the first thing about calling imdb however I can help you or anyone else code the framework :)

Bad Bunny 10-05-2005 07:10 AM


especially with vB's new iniline attachment ability
By inline attachment ability do you mean the ability to place attached images inside the text of your post instead of at the bottom of the post???? (')_(,)

The Geek 10-05-2005 07:17 AM

yuppers :)

Bad Bunny 10-05-2005 07:18 AM

Why is it I know nothing about this and I have been USING 3.5 since the first moment I could??? lol

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