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The Geek 01-08-2007 07:00 PM

GARS 2.1.4 Release Discussion
I have uploaded GARS 2.1.4 to the download area for active license holders. Please read this thread before downloading as it contains important information regarding upgrading and installing.

2.1.4 address all confirmed current issues and adds a new feature: Sub forums in columns.

I consider this an RC of the sub forums in columns function as I have only tested it on about 6 forums. In order to put your sub forums in columns, edit the type that controls the forum and scroll down to 'How many columns for sub forums?' option. 1 or above will put any sub forums appearing into that many columns. Pretty straight forward stuff. Once I upgrade my other site, Ill post a link for an example.


Please note that due to vB add on limitations, upgrading will erase any custom phrases and templates assigned to GARS via the GARS add on importer. Therefore it is important that before you upgrade, export any custom translations. Once upgrade is complete, re import any add ons (i.e. the release add on or the link directory add on) choosing the 'phrases and templates only' option.

It is also important to note that I have updated the release add on to conform with the new 'sub forums in columns' functionality.

Standard installation and upgrade instructions can be found on the download page.

Please post all bugs in the bug tracker and/or the forums. Leave this thread for the discussion of GARS 2.1.4


trana 01-08-2007 07:41 PM

Upgraded with no problems but my columns are not being displayed properly even with a number set for the column variable in my type.


magz 01-08-2007 08:29 PM

i upgraded fine, no issues here, other than i don't see any option for forums in sub categories. And did re upload and overwrite the product file.

also, still cant get ratings to work, have tried different browsers to no avail.

DerTobi75 01-08-2007 08:53 PM

Hi Geek,

where can I see a demo of the subforum column thing? I just installed the Xenon hack, arrange forums in columns and wonder if that might work together. Damn have to renew my license ;)


magz 01-08-2007 09:19 PM

As far as i can tell, yes.

Not had Gars very long, but to see it in action, heres a link.

I use Gars in the tutorial and Links forums.

Not much there yet, but its a start.

Loco 01-08-2007 10:09 PM

omg, I'm falling so far behind on gar's :D

will the link directory work if I update ?


Cliff 01-09-2007 01:42 PM

Will this work with 3.6.0?

Tigratrus 01-09-2007 02:27 PM

I know it works with 3.6.4, and I don't think there are any *functional* differences between 3.6.4 and 3.6.0, just security fixes.

The Geek 01-09-2007 02:53 PM

Trana - can you provide a screenshot or URL? All add ons should work fine and in theory it should work with 3.6.0, however it is only tested on the latest versions.

The option for subforums is in the type editor. If its not there you most likely have missed uploading the latest file.


abramelin 01-09-2007 03:35 PM

pfff :( rating system still doesnt works.

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