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Bridges 01-24-2007 06:23 PM

Is this a typo or am I misunderstanding things?

For instance, lets say you had GAB scripts configured to produce 2 ads on a page in $GAB_ads[0] and $GAB_ads[3] ... You could then place $GAB_ads[0] in your navbar template and $GAB_ads[4] in your footer template.
So if I want two ads to appear on one page I would say for example add $GAB_ads[0] to the header and $GAB_ads[1] to the footer. Now if I wanted to take this one step futher I could also add $GAB_ads[2] after the last post.

The Geek 01-26-2007 04:41 PM

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hehe - looks like a confusing instruction (and yes, there is a typo - $GAB_ads[4] should read $GAB_ads[3]).

Regardless, you are correct. It is important that you edit the script (most likely the Master script) and make sure that those values have entries assigned to them.

For instance, in the attachment here, there are billboards assigned to $GAB_ads[0] and $GAB_ads[2].


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