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daisukem 07-04-2008 03:18 AM

vB3.7 prefix and GARS
vB: 3.7.1
GARS: 2.1.9

I have read some threads related to this topic including the thread below. But I could not find a solution.

What's happening is that there is no prefix displayed in GARS forumdisplay(???) where threads are displayed. In non-GARS fprums prefixes display fine but in GARS forum prefixes are not shown in forumdisplay.
However, the prefixes are selectable when creating a new thread and it is visible in threaddisplay.

I believe that adding a code from default template to the GARS would fix this but I'm not sure which code to add and where?

Please help.


daisukem 07-04-2008 04:06 AM

Okay i figured out!

It turns out the recent "link directory" mod for GARS was not updated and was missing this code in the template.

To fix this,


<if condition="$thread['gars_marked_date']">$show[markedprefix]</if>
Before the line, add this


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