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bluetrain 01-20-2007 01:37 PM

A few questions before buying
Hello, I'm currently using the last vb version 3.6.4, and I've been looking for an article system to replace my website, currently using old Mambo 4.5.

My website is actually a story portal, which has long stories, short stories etc. but your script is pretty much function the same thing. Here are a few questions:

1. Am I able to create categories, sub-categories, and sub-sub, just like vb forums?

2. What is the limit of multi-page in the article? Am I able to make, say, 200 pages in one article? If so, would it affect the site performance?

Interface questions:

3. It is possible to disable the right column (review, rating), leaving a clean full page of article?

4. Since my site is a story portal, I only need a very simple listing of stories, i.e, a visitor click on category Short stories, then sub category A letter, he will see:

Story 1
Story 2

That's it, no need of seperate frame, border, picture, comments, member rating, or anything like that.

Thank you, seems like a great mod, looking forward to buy from you soon.

The Geek 01-20-2007 03:38 PM

Hi there.

1- Yes, you would do this via subforums. Pretty easy stuff :)
2- There really isnt a limit however I would say that GARS is not ideal for excessively long articles for performance reasons. 200 pages in an article would have a performance cost (however that is totally relevant to your server specs and how busy it is).
3- Yes :)
4- You can edit the templates how you see fit, I am sure you can get the look you are after :)

HTHs :)

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