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Geek Gazette
Geek Gazette
NOT updated for vB4!

The Geek Gazette (GAZ) is a community newsletter system for vBulletin 3.6.x and up.

GAZ goes far beyond conventional newsletter systems by introducing a modular layout that enables you to quickly customize your newsletters how you see fit.

Need multiple types of newsletters? With GAZ, you can! Create any number of newsletters, each with their own custom layout and settings.

Can't be asked to sit around generating mailouts at just the right time? With GAZ, you can skip even thinking about generating newsletters and sending them out. With GAZ's unique system, you can configure your newsletters to be created at any given point on a regular basis (i.e. once a day, or week, month, or next Easter).

Went off to the pub and forgot to send out the newsletter?!? Not a problem with GAZ. GAZ can automatically send off generated emails in batches.

In other words, you can set GAZ up and let it do the newsletter work for you!

Ever wanted to browse previous issues or give the ability for users to email past issues to their moms and dads? With GAZ you can. That's right, GAZ comes with an issue browser that lets users spend hours of fun reading past issues of your newsletters. Check this baby out!

With GAZ, you can! GAZ requires vB 3.6 or later.

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  GAZ License
Enables you to download GAZ.
  GAZ License + Brand Free
Enables you to download brand free GAZ. Are you a 'brand free' kind of site? Then this is the option for you! A brand free purchase gives you the right to not display the GAZ copyright.
  1 Year GAZ License Renewal
Renews your GAZ license for an additional year.


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