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Geek Auto-Linker
Geek Auto-Linker
Updated for vB4!

GAL is a highly configurable system that dynamically links keywords in posts. The types of links can range from simple and standard to enhanced links that create pop-up boxes when users hover over them.

Ideal for an in-line glossary or useful links GAL is even more ideal for advertising! With GAL you can track the impressions of keywords as well as how many times people are clicking them! GAL has a built in stats viewer that allows you to quickly and easily gather statistics on any single item in an instant!

Example of GAL in Action
Example of Stats with GAL
Example of GAL Front-end

GAL Key Features
  • Track impressions and clickthroughs
  • Set max hits and expiration dates
  • Set permissions for specific usergroups
  • Configure and customize each GAL replacement
  • Include HTML and/or BBCode in pop-ups
  • Include images in the pop-ups
  • Easily parse text in showthread and showpost
GAL requires vBulletin 3.6 or later. Not for use with large forums.

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  GAL License
Enables you to download GAL.
  GAL License + Brand Free Option
Enables you to download brand free GAL. Are you a 'brand free' kind of site? Then this is the option for you! A brand free purchase gives you the right to not display the GAL copyright.
  1 Year GAL License Renewal
Renews your GAL license for an additional year.


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