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Upgrading GARS

From Geeki

Before upgrading, be sure that the version of GARS you are upgrading to supports your version of vBulletin.


To upgrade GARS, download the package from the license manager and unzip the contents on your local computer. Please note that mac users should check out the downloading geek packages on a mac page. Upgrading may delete any custom phrases - we strongly suggest that you export any phrase changes (i.e. translations) before you upgrade.

  • Upload the contents of the upload/forums folder to your forums directory choosing to overwrite existing files please note that you may want to skip uploading the upload/forums/geek/images folder to avoid overwriting any custom images you may have
  • Browse to your vBulletin product manager
  • In the product manager upload section, browse to the product-gars.xml file in your unzipped folder
  • Make sure that you select yes on the Allow Overwrite option
  • Click Import: note that the upload may take a couple minutes

Your custom templates and phrases for GARS add-ons (i.e., the link directory and/or the release add on) will get wiped out. After upgrading you will need to use the GARS importer to re-import the add-ons (making sure you choose the option to import phrases and templates only).

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