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Type Administration
Type Administration

At the heart of GARS lies the ability to transform your forums on an individual level via the GARS type system. A type is a group of settings that are applied to your forum(s).

Although GARS comes pre-configured with 3 types (Articles, Tutorials and Reviews), GARS can be configured to have an unlimited number of types. Therefore the only limit to how you transform your forums is your own imagination

To edit or create a new Type that can be assigned to a forum, click the Types link in your GARS admincp pane (admincp >> GARS >> Types). There you will see a list of installed types that you can edit, copy or delete. You can also edit the types gallery via the pull down box. To create a new type, just click Add New.

Type Settings




This is a title for the type that is used internally by GARS to identify it. It does not display to the user.

Header Image info

Type Image
Type Image

Suppress Header Image

This option prevents all users from uploading images or using the gallery regardless of your permission settings.

Path to image

The FULL URL for the default image header (i.e.

Upload new image

This option allows you to upload a new default header image. The image will be uploaded and resized according to your GARS settings as long as GD is installed (check your vB options) and the geek/gars/images and their sub folders are chmoded to 0777.

Maximum Height/Width

These setting allows you to specify the maximum settings of thumbnails uploaded into GARS.


Type Sets
Type Sets

Term Sets

This is the set of terms that is applied to the type

Template sets

This is the template set that is assigned to the type


This is the module set that is assigned to the type

Extra templates to cache

This setting will cache additional templates that your type may use. GARS caches all your template sets and any templates configured in your registered modules, however if there is a special module (i.e. the template module) that GARS can not cache, enter its name here (separate extra items by a comma)


Type Ratings
Type Ratings


If this type uses ratings, set the correct rating here. Otherwise select none (the other ratings settings are only applicable if there is a rating selected here)

Author can post ratings

If set to Yes, then the author of the the first post in the thread can use the assigned rating.

Author Rate as a member

If set to Yes then the authors ratings will be included as a member rating, thus the thread will have one rating with the authors and members results merged together.

Tick to submit ratings

This option will make the user specify that they are indeed submitting a rating with their replies by ticking the correct box. Otherwise, their ratings will not count. This is useful on sites where people may want to respond to a review, yet they do not want to rate.

Users can post ratings

If set to Yes, then registered users can rate

Users can only rate when they make a reply

If set to Yes then users will not be able to rate via the Member Rating module, they will only be able to rate when making a reply.

Allow users to change ratings

This option allows users to edit their ratings if they edit or create a new reply

Show user ratings in their replies

This option will show what the user rated in their reply. Note that it will only display automatically if the template sets comment template is GARS_comment or GARS_comment_plus (or a custom template with modification to display the rating).

Forumdisplay Options

Forumdisplay Options
Forumdisplay Options

How many threads to show in forumdisplay

This option allows you to override vBulletins threads per page. If you leave at 0, then vBulletins default amount will display. Very useful if you want to reduce page height

Default Sort Order

Allows you to specify a default sort order for the forum. Note that vBulletin 3.6 has title (and other defaults) in the forums settings. Also note that you will be required to make a file edit in vb3.5 in order to sort by ratings.

How many columns for subforums?

If a value other than 0 is given, GARS will display any subforums in columns. For example, setting this value to 2 will show all subforums in 2 columns.

Display Alphabetical Quick Jump Bar

If set to Yes then GARS will display the a-z filter bar at the top of this types forumdisplay page.

Display the reply count in threadbit

Shows the total number of comments in a thread on the threadbit

Display the view count in threadbit

Shows the total number of views of the thread on the threadbit

Display Author/Members rating in threadbit

Will display the author or members overall rating in their threadbit.

Display Preview/synopsis in threadbit

Shows a brief snippet (or the synopsis) of the thread inside the threadbit. If it is the synopsis, then bbcode can be used, otherwise it gets stripped out.

Marked thread title

If using the Marked module (or another module that makes use of this function), this is a phrase that described the mark. For instance, with the Release add on, this field contains the value Install.

Marked Thread Prefix

If using the Marked module (or another module that makes use of this function), this is what will be displayed to the user as a title prefix if they have marked the thread. For instance, with the Release add on, this setting is Installed which will show the phrase Installed before each thread title if the user has 'marked' the thread. Please note if there is any value in here, you will incur an extra query.

Width for module container

This is the width of the GARS_mod_container template that houses most modules. If left empty, the default is 200px.

Showthread options

Showthread Options
Showthread Options

Show signature

Shows the signature of the publisher

Block Width

Overrides the width for code and quote blocks which is helpful for fixed width sites

How many days to auto-feature

The default number of days to auto-feature an item if no specific date is set

Width for module container on showthread pages

The width used by GARS_mod_container on showthread pages. If blank, the default is 200px

Editing options

Editing Options
Editing Options

Do not show 'New Page' BBcode

Set this to No if you do not want the 'New Page' bbcode to appear in the editor. Please note that the user can still enter the break bbcode though!

Auto-Feature new threads

Automatically feature new entries for the specified period of days listed in the How Many Days to Auto-Feature setting.

Show byline

Allow users to create a byline

Show synopsis

Allows users to enter a synopsis. If no synopsis is present, GARS uses the threads preview text to show the synopsis on the forumdisplay. If there is text present, GARS will parse the text for BBcode.

Show Threadrate

A shortcut to disable vB's thread rate for this types forums

Custom Fields

Custom Fields
Custom Fields

A custom field without a type is like a cowboy without a horse. When you create custom fields, you must assign them to a type for them to be usable. Simply tick the custom fields you want associated with this type in this section.

If the type of custom field is a Select box, then you will also have the option to allow the type to be filtered by it's value. This is really designed for the filter module.

Assigning a Type to a forum

Assigning to forum
Assigning to forum

Once your Type is configured, all you need to do is assign it to a forum in your settings (admincp >> GARS >> Settings.

Type Gallery

Type Gallery
Type Gallery

The Type Gallery is a collection of header images that you can have pre-uploaded for your users to choose from when creating a new entry. Each type can have its own gallery which allows you greater control over what images are used when creating an entry.

To edit a types gallery, go to the Type listing by clicking Types from your GARS admincp menu then choose the edit gallery option from the drop down list.


allows to to quickly jump to another Type gallery

Images in gallery

Shows the images in your gallery

With selected

Allows you to delete any images selected

Add image

Allows you to quickly upload a selection of images into the gallery. When uploaded, GARS will attempt to resize them according to your GARS settings as long as GD is installed on your server.

Please note that this is only a simple front end for accessing the images in your geek/gars/images/types/x folder (where x is the id of your type).

If you have problems due to server safe mode constraints or GD restrictions, you can simply FTP the images you want into the geek/gars/images/types/x folder.

Also please remember that the geek/gars/images folder and all of its sub folders need to be chmoded to 0777 for upload.

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