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Tools in GARS

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GARS has several administration tools to help keep it in check.



Resync Pages

This will resync the page count (or the amount of times [break]) for each GARS controlled thread

Clean Cache

Is your cache dirty or currupt? Then it may need a good clean. This option cleans out the datastore cache but it does not get rid of the file cache. To get rid of the file cache, delete all *.php files from your geek/gars/cache folder (and its subfolders). Then re-save your settings (admincp >> GARS >> Settings).

Re-Sync Ratings

This option rebuilds each of your ratings from top to bottom.

Edit Ratings

A friendly tool to help you edit or view all ratings for a particular thread

Rebuild custom phrases and descriptions

After upgrading GARS, vBulletin will sometimes eat any custom field descriptions that GARS makes. This option will rebuild them.

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