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Term Sets

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A Term Set is a group of phrases that override normal vBulletin phrases. This allows GARS to transform vBulletin phrases like "search this thread" to "Search this Article". A Term Set will also allow you to override the new post and new thread buttons.

Once a term set is created, it can then be assigned to a type.

Viewing your Term Sets

Term Sets
Term Sets

You can view which term sets are configured by browsing to admincp->gars->term sets. There you will also be able to create additional term sets or edit existing ones.

To edit an existing term set, simply click on its name or select Edit from the drop down menu. To delete a term set, simply select Delete from the drop down menu.

Creating/Editing a Term Set

New Term Set
New Term Set

To create a new term set, browse to your term set manager (admincp->gars->term sets) and click Add New at the bottom of the list of existing term sets.

Edit Term Set
Edit Term Set

When you Add or Edit a Term Set, you will be presented with the following options:

  • Title - this is an name used to identify the term set in the admincp
  • Capitalized - this a capitalized keyword (i.e. Recipe or Article)
  • Capitalized Plural - this is a plural capitalized keyword (i.e. Recipes or Articles)
  • Lowercase - a lowercase version of the keyword (i.e. recipe or article)
  • Lowercase Plural - a lowercase plural keyword (i.e. recipes or articles)
  • New Thread Button - the button to replace the newthread.gif button with. Please note that the image must exist in each of your styles
  • New Reply Button - the button to replace the newpost.gif button with. Please note that the image must exist in each of your styles

Once saved, GARS will build a new phrase group substituting certain vBulletin keywords with the above settings. Once created, GAL will display the phrasegroup for quick and easy editing/translating.


Note that there are some limitations when generating the new phrase group. GARS makes 'best' guess and generally errs on the side of caution which may rarely result in some odd phrases combinations (like I said, this is very rare!). You are best to scan the new phrase group after you create it to make sure that they make sense!

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