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Settings in GAZ

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The global settings for GAZ are located in your vBulletin admincp panel under the GAZ menu pane (admincp>>GAZ>>Settings).


Global and Email Settings


The first two sections in your GAZ Admincp Settings page control the newsletter script name and emailing properties.

Script Name

GAZ Allows you to rename your forums/newsletter.php page to whatever name you want (as long as it still ends in .php!). This value should contain the name of the page without the .php part.

e.g. IF you change rename newsletter.php to haveigotsomefreakingnewsforyou.php then the value for this setting would be haveigotsomefreakingnewsforyou.

Reply Address

This is the reply to address for sent emails. Don't be cheeky by changing this to

Mailer Name

This is the name of the newsletter mailer and system (i.e. Geek Gazette or My Site News). Most email readers will show this value as the readeable version of the reply to address.

Time to track HTML emails

Gaz has the ability to try and track html emails by placing a small Web Bug in the HTML emails to get an idea of how many were read. This value is the amount of time to keep 'listening' for the bug before closing up the issue and compressing statistics.

There are many limitations to tracking emails this way so it is suggested you check out the article on HTML tracking to understand more.

Processing Settings

Process Settings
Process Settings

This section controls how GAZ processes sending email out manually and automatically.

Users per page

This is the amount of users per batch to process. When manually sending out a batch, this is the number of users per page to send. The cron job responsible for automatically sending out emails uses this setting to determine how many people to send to per batch.

A lower number means less server load but longer times to send all mail out.

Update after x Users

During batch processing, it can be helpful to have GAZ update itself every so often in case there is an error. The default for this setting is 20 which basically means that after 20 users have been sent an email, GAZ will update the system with the users that have been sent. That way if there was a fatal processing or server error, you could continue with the processing from the last update point.

You can set this number lower for a more resilient fail over method (at the cost of more server resources) or higher for less fail over coverage and less server resources.

Page Delay

when manually sending out emails, there is a timer that will appear at the end of the processing page that will count down before going on to the next page. This allows you to manually send out to your users without having to sit by the computer to click the 'next' button to continue with processing the next batch of users.

The default is is 10 seconds which gives your server a 10 second break before processing the next page.

Prefix Paths

GAZ will prefix most key paths with your full URL; however it will not prefix your image paths unless the value for this setting is Yes. If you have entered full URLS for your images (which many do for some add ons) then leave this to No.

Escaped Variables

The value for this setting is a comma seperated list of variables to escape during the caching of newsletters. The default is $user (and should always be in the list!). This is really an advanced setting and put in for extensability

Test Settings

Test Settings
Test Settings

It may be helpful at times to test the system without actually sending any email out. This section provides a few options to make this as easy as possible.

Test Mode

If set to yes, GAZ will not send out any mail. All processes will run and function as normal - just without sending anything out! All of the settings in this section are only valid if Test Mode is set to Yes.

Dump Mails

If Test Mode is set to yes and this setting is set to yes, then the system will function in Test Mode with the exception that GAZ will try to write the email that it would have sent to the file system using the Path To Dump setting below.

Please note that any emails will be written to the Path to Dump location as either TESTX.htm or TESTX.txt where X is the incrimental value for the current batch.

Path to Dump

This is the full server path to the folder where GAZ should write the test emails. This setting is required for the Dump Mail option to function.

the server must have write access to this location so it is advised to chmod the location to 0777. The default is /geek/gaz/test

Seconds Between Test Mail

This option allows you to 'simulate' the time it takes to send out an email while in test mode. A value of 1 will mean that the system will pause 1 second between email processing.

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