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Settings in GARS

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The global settings for GARS can be located in the GARS admincp for vBulletin (admincp >> GARS >> Settings). It is the place to adjust settings and assign GARS types to your forums




This section covers settings for your cache and such

Maximum article length in characters

This feature allows you to override vBulletins maximum characters per post option, thus allowing authors to post larger than normal threads.

Maximum character count for displaying synopsis in forumdisplay

This feature is the cut off point for previewing threads on forumdisplay pages as well as the maximum characters that can be entered into a synopsis field.

Ignore vB's edit time limit restriction for content

If set to Yes then GARS will ignore vBulletins time restriction for editing content, thus allowing authors to edit articles without time restrictions.

Override vBs 'stop shouting' function

Does what it says on the tin. Setting to Yes will allow authors to shout in their thread titles.

Cache modules

Some modules (i.e. featured and top) will cache their contents to reduce server load. The cache settings can be controlled on an individual level for each module, however this switch will globally turn the feature on or off

Cache Settings

GARS can use the file system to cache its plethora of settings to radically reduce server overhead when processing. It is strongly recommended that this setting is Yes. If you are caching your settings (hinthint), then you will need to ensure that your geek/gars/cache folder (and its subfolders) are chmodded to 0777.

Header Images

Header Image Settings
Header Image Settings

These settings are responsible for controlling the header image system that can (optionally) allow users to upload header images for their articles/tutorials/etc...

Absolute path to images folder

This is the server path to the forums/geek/gars/images folder. Note that GARS is a pretty smart fella when it comes to this setting as it suggests it for you! Like Magic! Note that some servers are case sensitive. Note that GARS doesnt like it if you have a trailing slash!

Safemode upload on

If your server is locked down with the dreaded Safemode option, then make sure this option is set to yes. Otherwise set it to no and rejoice.

URL to your images folder

This setting should be ./geek/gars/images note no trailing slash!

Comma seperated list of valid file extensions

This is a comma seperated list of valid extension to upload. The default is pretty decent (jpg,jpeg,gif,png)

Maximum upload size in bytes

This is the maximum size of the file for uploading. If the filesize is bigger than this, GARS eats it for lunch and it won't be seen on your server.

Maximum height/width of header images

This is the maximum size of the thumbnail that GARS will create of the uploaded image. Note that this setting can be overridden in each type settings.

Usergroup Permissions

Usergroup Permissions
Usergroup Permissions

This is the area where you become God of GARS and decide who can and can not do certain gar'ish things

Use Gallery

Untick if you don't want these guys to use the type gallery

Upload Header Image

Deny those pesky users the ability to upload header images!

Post as other users

Choose wisely who has the ability to post as someone else!

Enter GALs

If set to yes, users can enter keywords and a description that links back to their article. Note that you must have GARS 2.1.8m+ and GAL 6.0.x+ installed and running for this to be of any use to anybody.

Enter Feature Dates

If set to Yes, then users can enter a date to feature their article to.


Assigning a type
Assigning a type

This is where the magic happens. Once you have created or modified your types this is the place where you assign them to a forum.

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