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Module Sets in GAZ

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Module Administration
Module Administration

When an issue is generated, GAZ uses the assigned module set to process the layout and to take a 'snapshot' of your forum data at that moment in time.

A module set is a group of modules with their own unique settings segmented into two groups: HTML and Plain Text. You can create as many module sets as you wish - but remember that once an issue is generated, changes to its module set will not be reflected unless you refresh the layout or data. * Note that there are some exceptions to this rule.

Registering a module

Registering a Module
Registering a Module

Please note that in order to use a module in a module set, it must first be 'registered' (admincp >> GAZ >> Modules >> Register new module). In order for a module to appear in the registration drop down list, it must exist as a php file in your geek/gaz/modules folder.

Note that you GAZ comes set up with 4 registered modules

When Registering a new modules, you can name the module whatever you want.

Creating/modifying a module set

Please note that there are 2 screens for a module set: The HTML page and the Plain Text page.

Choose the page you want to configure from the drop down menu (HTML or Plain Text). There are 5 areas to display modules on an HTML page, but only 1 section to show Plain Text modules.

To add modules to your set, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the module name and section to add it to. You will then need to save in order to adjust its settings

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