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Module Registration in GARS

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Registered Modules

In order for a module to be accessible to GARS , it must exist as a file in your forums/geek/gars/mods/action folder and be registered. The action folder corresponds to a specific stage of a modules lifespan

Registering a module helps GARS keep track of its settings while also ensuring that the required templates are cached to prevent excessive queries at runtime.

Registered Modules
Registered Modules

Viewing your registered modules

To view your current registered modules, click the modules link in your GARS admincp pane (admincp->gars->modules). The registered modules is the second block on the page.

Each registered module is listed here with a link that will take you to its configuration page as well as a check box that will allow you to 'delete' (or rather to 'un-register') a module. Note that when you unregister a module, it will remove all instances of that module from each of your module sets though it will not physically remove the file from the geek/gars/mods/action folder.

Registered Module Properties

To edit a registered module, simply click the name of the module in the Registered Modules list. The following image is a screen shot of the Attachments module.

Module Properties
Module Properties

There are only 3 simple settings:

  • Title - The name of the module
  • Module file - the file in your forums/geek/gars/mods/action folder that are available
  • Comma separated list of templates to cache - this is a list of any templates that may be needed by the module. Putting the template names in this setting will save you additional queries at run time. If there is no required templates, leave it blank.

It is important to point out that you only ever need to register a module once. After it is registered, you can use it as many times as you want (even multiple times on the same page with different settings!). Once a module is registered, it can then be added to a module set.

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