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Installation of GARS

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Installation of GARS is pretty easy and straight forward. Please make sure your version of vBulletin and gars meet the requirements before proceeding.

To install GARS, download the package from the license manager and unzip the contents on your local computer. Please note that mac users should check out the downloading geek packages on a mac page.

  • Upload the contents of the upload/forums folder to your forums directory
  • chmod the following folders to 0777:
    • geek/gars/images (and any sub folders)
    • geek/gars/cache (and any sub folders)
  • Browse to your vBulletin product manager
  • In the product manager upload section, browse to the product-gars.xml file in your unzipped folder
  • Click Import. note that the upload may take a couple minutes
  • Afterwards, give yourself access: ACP -> Usergroups -> Administrator Permissions -> Edit Permissions -> Can Administer GARS -> Yes
  • Refresh your AdminCP (e.g., hit Ctrl+F5)

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