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Custom Field Single Check Box

From Geeki

The check box custom field allows users to check mark/tick the item. If you go to create a thread here you will see 'on' and 'ah' check boxes as examples, and if ticked, the 'on' and 'ah' text appears in the custom fields box of the first post on the showthread page.

Check Box Field
Check Box Field
  • Title - The title of the custom field
  • Description - A brief description of the custom field
  • Display Order - The order that this field is displayed: the lower the number, the more precedence it has
  • Caption - The text to appear next to the check box
  • Default - Does the check box default to being ticked
  • Required - Set to yes to make the user fill this field in before submission
  • Editable - Set to yes to enable users to edit the contents of this field when editing the first post of a thread
  • Moderator Only - Set to yes to only allow moderators, super moderators, or administrators to edit and see this field

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