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01-05-2006, 04:26 AM
Hello vB Geek:

First off, I dont know why so many people, vbulletin.com vbAdvanced.com or any of the other software programers/sellers dont want to make or sell their product scripts, they always say the same thing, it's proprietary and not for resell!

So, I am extremely excited to see this package.

I cant wait to play with it!

I just paid for and downloaded beta4c and will be installing it shortly on my test site. I am probably going to hold off on installing to the main site until RC comes out, Which will hopefully be soon, but we'll see. ;)

thanks again for an excellent line of products, this make 3 of your products for my site.

So, when is the ticket system due to come out :p :p :p

My only question at this time, if you dont mind.

Under the membership section, where it asks for the persons website.

Can that be changed to require something else, as I dont plan on selling website software.
I'd like to make a database of keys, that this will provide to the customer to have to use to install software, or, instead maybe have it ask for their email address or phone number.

Would that be possible, or something of the like.

Thank you

01-05-2006, 06:40 AM

OK, I should probably create a new thread for this, but, as you have not read this yet, What the heck.

I've created a couple of catagories, and a product with items using other posts in the forum. ;) I love my search button :p

Anyway, I got it all showing, but, when someone buys something, and I do the redirect to geekmart.php?do=success I get a message stating thank you for your purchase, but, nobody, the user nor myself get a PM, and I dont get an email and the user does not get the temporary usergroup promotion.

I have Custom 1 box set to 86400
which equals 1 day
I have Custom 2 box set to "9"
The custom group I created

I set geeker to allow usergroup 9 to download, but it doesn't matter

If I go to the admincp\usergroup manager, the user that paid did not get the promotion

I've tried all 3 mods
and emaill_vendor

Any help on these would be great.

Thank you

The Geek
01-05-2006, 10:07 AM
The promotion occurs when an IPN comes from paypal with a success result.
Are you testing with a live PP or Sandbox? I have had problems from time to time with sandbox's IPN taking its own sweet time (up to days) to notify the site - however I have never had problems with the live version.

The Membership module should do you fine and everything else looks cool.

As far as your website question - you can customize it anyway you want. make a copy of the license module and look at the code (there isn't much), its easily customizable if you have any php experience.

As far as others not wanting to sell their carts, I can understand - the work to ensure it is versatile enough for a general release is butt wrenching. GM is still a ways from being done - however I do think it will evolve into a seriously wicked product.


01-05-2006, 02:16 PM
I wish I could say I knew php that well, truthfully I know html fair, but, thats about the extent

Looking at the file, this looks like the portion that needs to be changed

$bits .= "<tr><td class='alt1'>Site for $data[producttitle]</td></tr><tr><td class='alt2'>http://<input type='text' name='www[$data[cartitemid]][$x]' id='www[$data[cartitemid]][$x]' size='50' value='{$gm_data['www'][$data[cartitemid]][$x]}' /></td></tr>";
if (!$_POST['www'][$data['cartitemid']][$x])

but i'm not positive

Can you tell me if this look right

$bits .= "<tr><td class='alt1'>Phone number of person buying $data[producttitle]</td></tr><tr><td class='alt2'>Area code first<input type='text' name='www[$data[cartitemid]][$x]' id='www[$data[cartitemid]][$x]' size='50' value='{$gm_data['www'][$data[cartitemid]][$x]}' /></td></tr>";
if (!$_POST['www'][$data['cartitemid']][$x])

Also the www seems wierd, but, as they wont see it on the front end I really dont care unless it needs to be changed.

The phone number is just an example ;)

Also, I was using the soapbox, thank you for answering that ;)

The Geek
01-05-2006, 03:27 PM
Your code looks all right. However I have learned since writing the above that the ID shouldnt be an array :)
Actually, depending on the circumstance it can give you intermitten woes though it will work fine there.