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The Geek
12-19-2005, 04:03 PM
Whats up with them? I really honestly cant get my head around it.

I am sure many of you are aware of the debates over on .org to provide a facility for commercial vB enhancements (i.e. a directory or such). While I think much progress has been made in this respect, I stare dumbfounded over some peoples insistence that .org be kept clear of anything that smells of money.

Can anyone hed some light on the subject? I seem to read the amount of nay sayers posts as inclining that they already paid money for vB, therefore anything released for vB should be free. The vast majority of these guys have never lifted a finger to release anything let alone for free!

That really get my knickers in a twist. Fair enough if that is your opinion and you contribute to the community, but to sit back and demand that others do stuff for you for free really pisses me off.
I went 'commercial' just to avoid these numb nuts installing my work as they are usually the first to bitch about something not working when in fact all they had to do was follow the readme.

For crying out loud, its not like anyone would force them to use a commercial directory. The way I see it is that they are simply scared that others that give free work might actually say 'hey, I should make a buck or two off this' and bam, their well of free wares goes dry.

Anyhooo, I guess most people here are of the opinion that there is a place in the world for commercial scripts, I was just wondering if anyone could hed any plausible insight into the mentality of some of these guys.

If you don't know the latest that set me off, the thread is here. (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=102471)

I'm off to code :P

12-19-2005, 04:11 PM
I reckon it's generally kids or people who believe the world should be free and that they should get everything they want for nothing. They probably also think it's perfectly acceptable to download mp3s for free.

I would just totally ignore them or infact tell them you'll only support people who donate to any free hacks you have:p.

12-20-2005, 04:06 PM
I think if everything went to paid that would suck, and I think that is what they are afraid of. Obviously I am overhere and believe some things are worth paying for. You work hard to write your products why should you recieve no compensation? You pay for windows xp does that mean that every program written for it should also be free? I would love office to be free. hell thats even the same company! oh, but wait we still have to fork money over for it, because it wouldnt be fair to those who develope it and spent there time working on it to not get compensated. I dont know I agree with you geek it would be nice to have a directory there are a lot of great mods people dont know about because they are pay for mods. Yes some things should be free things like gars are like add on systems and you should deffinatly be compensated :) anyway hope that all made sense and keep up the good work

The Geek
12-21-2005, 05:27 PM
Sure, if everything went paid it would suck, but the fact is that it simply couldn't. I wouldn't pay for 90% of the hacks I have installed from .org and nor would most. Thats not a snub on the hacks there, thats just to say that one would be more selective and stop hack whoring ;)

If a hack has 100 installs - maybe 10 would buy if it was a decent price and if it offered decent value. Therefore most simply couldn't and wouldn't be asked to sell their stuff (especially if it cost them to advertise).

However the more I read these 'I paid for vB so you should code Free for me' the more I get reallyreallyreallyreally irritated. However it must be said that I only get irritated over those that say 'free or die' but don't contribute.

Its like going to a pot-luck dinner where loads of people have spent weeks preparing vast amounts of food for free and having some of the ones that brought nothing whinge and bitch because there is a coke machine in the corner (A COKE MACHINE!!! COKE SHOULD BE FREE!!!) all the while gorging themselves on everyone else's hard work (and bitching because some stuff is slightly over cooked or not done EXACTLY how they want it). FFS PEOPLE - its free - cut the guys some slack!!!!

Anyhooo. Thats my rant for the moment :)

12-21-2005, 05:45 PM
hi gang - new here...

My take... we own a site where part is free and part is paid subscription to support the hosting costs, etc.

BUT... with the realm of products both paid and free - I for one would much rather pay for something that is the same or nearly the same product assuming that I would get better support of said product.

I hear ya on people demanding you do stuff for free! most of our website is free and people complain if we don't put MORE free stuff out there for them - HELLO WHO IS PAYING THE BILLS FOR ALL THIS? LOL

and the part and attitude about "I paid for VB so I should get add-ons/scripts for free" that is INSANE.... That's like saying if you buy toothpaste from Crest that they OWE you a free toothbrush b/c you can't use the paste without it! (well you could - but you get the point).

Lizard King
12-22-2005, 12:20 AM
Every hack has a value. Noone has to buy everything. First of all you must know what you want for your board. Then you must check every chance you are looking for what to suit yuor needs. In any whey the customer will put a value for the product they are looking for. Gars , Gal , Gab are all great products. Geek is a great coder but i only purchased Gar and Gal because i dont need a banner system in my board since my aim is not money from my board. There are tons of hack released in vb.org and i am sure we all dont install all of them. With the new system writing code for vBulletin is not so hard. If you search and look for what you want it is not so hard to customize your own vBulletin and i am sure not all the hacks will be released as paid. So why try to stop the paid sections on vb.org because they dont want to spend any money on their site because they care for money but they try to ignore this. I currently have gallery , gars and gal installed as paid addons and if i can find a real good cms system or a blog system i am thinking of purchasing them also i think within this week i'll purchase vbseo . Look that's another part , paid scripts are always way better then free scripts. I tried Dean's hack , it is good in a way but there are certain points i think is missing and there s another one which looks and works perfect. Also Dean's support and vbseo teams support are not the same level. The price is expensive but if you love your board i think it is necessary to go with the paid version if you have a chance. Thats why paid add on list is necessary. We will have a chance to find all the paid modifications at one place instead of googling what we want or checking coders signature. Also everyone can rate the scripts and the coders support. The paid add on list is only offering more choice to community members.