View Full Version : Some GARS feature questsions

12-16-2005, 11:31 AM
Hi there,

first of all, i love your ideas and how you realise them - great work. I already have bought GAL and also plan to buy GARS but i'm not sure about one or the other feature.

I would like to use GARS to setup kind of an FAQ or let's better say an encyclopedia. i'm running a big german forum for fish tanks (aquariums).

Therefore it would be good to have the article overview displayed a bit less time-based (last article first). Instead a display of subcategories next to boxes like "Latest entries", "top entries" and so on would be great. I hope you know what i'm thinking about. Is something yet possible with GARS?

Also does anyone use GARS with vbSEO? I read about some problems with the actualy vbSEO-Version but apart from that does it work together well? Does anybody probably have a link for me where both products are installed and working together?

Thanks for you help,

P.S.: Sorry for that bad english :)

The Geek
12-16-2005, 06:59 PM
vbseo + gars = a-ok. They built GARS support into their system and I use them on my other site.

You can set the forums to default to an alphabetical listing with GARS. As far as your sub forums, that would be an easy module to create (though you would need to remove the sub forums from your GARS_forumdisplay template.