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11-30-2005, 12:37 PM
I run an online shop on OSCommerce but I want to use vbulletin as much as possible and use the userdatabase stored in there. My shop can be reached on www.shark.nu/shop/ and is only in dutch. Before I buy geekmart I just wanted to know if the following is possible or will be implemented in the final release.

1. Payment
Okay paypal is handled, perfect! But what if someone wants to do a banktransfer? Or pay cash when they will pick it up? Is something for that available?

2. Shipment
In my case I sell services and products. Services have no shipping costs and products, if above 100 euro, are free to send in the Netherlands, outside it costs 25 euro. Can this be done? I hardly have international orders, so the few I get can be arranged like if they were in my normal physical shop, so that is not a high priority.

3. Attributes
So categories, subcategories are all no problem, as well as attaching pictures to the product, but what about attributes? If I have an item which can be bought in 4 different flavors and 2 different sizes? How does that look like? Example in my shop: http://www.shark.nu/shop/product_info.php?cPath=26_32&products_id=68 at the bottom.
The same ofcourse for services. They normally have a few different date options attached. Like a divingcourse that starts on x,y and z date

I will look further into what is needed, but the above points are the most important ones to me.

The Geek
11-30-2005, 01:10 PM
Hi Jorg

Here is a brief run down of your questions:
1- GM has the ability to have multiple payment handlers. I have put the plumbing in for Money Orders and Cheques, and I am sure Bank Transfers could also be accomidated for. However I must stress that this doesnt exist as of right now!

2- All of your points can be done - except for the 'orders over x amount'. I have yet to even start looking at a automated coupon/discounting system yet and I am not sure if one will make it for gold. Very useful and something I want to do - just cant do it yet ;)

3- You would need to have an item entry for each thing you would sell. A good way to look at this is here in GeekMart, you click into the GARS product and there are several differnt GARS items you can buy (installation, license, renewal, brand free).

I hope that answers your questions. GM is still very young and its questions and suggestions like this that make it better.