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11-27-2005, 02:33 PM
Automate Content navigation?

Geek I would like to achieve something that might put together your GARS and GAL (maybe ?.-)

For what I want to use it?
I need to publish some law code on my site.

I may publish it through your GARS. I see that there is an option to have content directory (navigation) per paragraph (using "garpg=x").

Our law codes looks like this:

Chapter 1
§1 name
§2 name
§3 name

and some content reference to
1.notes - this look like: 1) {this is note nr.1 and it is placed in foot of the law code - this usually refer to other law codes}
2.paragraph within this law code: let's say §24 or §24 .01 etc.
... there are also other or more particular references, but that is not necessary to explain at this point.

Let's say that i will make content navigation with current feature of GARS, using "garpg=x" as link to each §, but this can be more automated and interlinked.
And here comes GAL as a possible solution.
For example: reference for §24 will be linked to §24 content and reference to note 1) will be interlinked to note #1 content.
Unfortunatelly I do not think that GAL will be able to handle this for more than 1 law code, since I do not see an option to have keyword per thread or at least per forum. (there is only Ignore thread option).
As I understand if I set up "§ 1" as a keyword it will hyperlink all text in entire forum - and this will need to be active for specific law-code thread...

If GAL is able to work for specific thread, then I can use "template" of GAL keywords for more than 1 law code, because all of them have the same structure. (I will not have to set up keyword and navigation for all codes separatelly, only to customize nr. of paragrahps...)

Hope my english was clear enough to understand .-) if not just ask me...

I think this structure and interlinked content might be useful also for tutorials etc

Is anything like this possible? If there is some custom work involved I may spend some budget .-)

The Geek
11-27-2005, 03:50 PM
I think I follow you - however if so - then I think your needs may be too complex for GARS as is. How long are your typical entires (word count wise) and how many page would you be doing on average?

11-27-2005, 05:24 PM
Sent you PM, to see some examples .-)

Thank you for consideration!!! .-)