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12-01-2008, 09:50 PM

I'm a mod of a small site which uses vBulletin. Part of the system covers articles, as part of which you can upload a thumbnail through a simple 'browse' utility.

However, this part of the system has entirely gone wrong, generating a 'server upload error'. The site was hacked a few months back, and in resetting it, the "path for the images was lost in the GARS Control Panel". However, although the remaining staff have pinpointed the problem (we think), we don't know what the path should be in order for everything to run smoothly.

All the staff who might know how to sort it have other commitments, including one who has lost an 18-year old son. Sorry if this is a really simple query, but we are now entirely stumped.

Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated.


12-02-2008, 03:49 AM
The 'Absolute path to images folder' is not something I can tell you, as it is not my server. The 'Absolute path to images folder' depends on the server, so you could use the PHP getcwd (http://php.net/getcwd) function or ask the host of the website.

As you are probably aware, the account you used to post your message is showing as unlicensed. Please use the account with a license to obtain further support. Thank you.

12-02-2008, 08:40 AM
Thank you - I'll take that back.

I don't quite understand the whole license thing - is it a license to use this website? If it's to show that you're using GARS, I have no doubt that the staff of the site I use have fully-licensed copies of everything - but I'm only a junior staff member, so I wouldn't have such proofs. I'm only interested in GARS because it impinges on an aspect of the site I've recently acquired some responsibility for... Bottom line is, I don't own the site, don't even know what GARS does, and wouldn't know how to use it if it popped up and hit me in the face! I presume you mean I should get the owner of the site to come on and ask? Unfortunately, he's the one who's suffered a recent bereavement - hence it being left to me and a few others to try to find a solution...

Anyway, thanks again.