View Full Version : Urgent Help Needed before Newsletter Send!

08-15-2008, 03:26 PM

Last month you fixed it for me that new users would automatically be subscribed to the newsletter. I think that is truly happening, HOWEVER, I just generated a new issue and was about to send when I noticed that it was only going to send to about 8,300 people (down from 9,100 last month).


So I went to subscriptions and if I run a query for people who said NO to the HTML newsletter about 150 (out of 10,500 members) came back NO. I then ran a query for PLAIN TEXT and only 1 person came back.

If I select "ANY" in Newsletter format (NO still selected in the subscription)about 500 members come back. ???? How can ~150 plus 1 add up to almost 500???

Where are my missing 2000 members?? Does it have anything to do with me not overriding the "receive admin emails" setting?

HELP! I want to make sure I get the newsletter out to as many of my members as possible who want to receive it!

08-15-2008, 10:30 PM
Correct, whether members want to receive admin emails, as well as usergroups, are take into account for the total.

08-19-2008, 04:59 AM
Yes, once I told it to override their choice for admin email and rely solely on the setting for the newsletter it produced the numbers I was expecting. Whew... thanks!

Hey while i am thinking of this I have a small request for GAB, I'll post it in the forum...