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06-14-2008, 10:10 AM
This module will display random images from PhotoPlog in GARS. You must have both GARS Pro and PhotoPlog Pro installed for this modules to work.

Installation Steps:

Please note that this module is beta and not supported.
FTP the various PHP files into their corresponding directories on the server:


Go to the ACP -> GARS -> Modules -> Register New Module and set the following options:

Title: PhotoPlog Random Thumbs
Module File: photoplog_random_thumbs.php
Comma seperated list of templates to cache: GARS_mod_container

Go to the ACP -> GARS -> Modules -> click a module set where you'd like the new module.

Use the Add Modules box to add the new module to the Showthread page:

Left drop down menu: PhotoPlog Random Thumbs
Right drop down menu: the location you'd prefer

Click the PhotoPlog Random Thumbs link:

Cache Method: select either Don't Cache or On Edit/New Thread
What is the maximum number of images to show: enter a positive number
Set the remaining options as you'd prefer

Visit a GARS-based showthread page on your site that uses the module set you selected in step three.

Want random images from only the author of the first post to appear?

In the /geek/gars/mods/display/photoplog_random_thumbs.php file find the following:

WHERE moderate = 0

Replace that line with the following:

WHERE moderate = 0 AND userid = " . intval($post['userid']) . "

Go back to step five and select Don't Cache for the Cache Method

Cost of installing this module?

One query added to process the first post in a GARS-based showthread page using this module
Trade-off with some overhead/processing if you choose to cache rather than not cache the module
ORDER BY RAND() queries are notoriously bad in that they scan way too many rows in the table

You can limit the number of rows that are scanned by selecting category IDs in step five
If your equipment is weak or your gallery is large, test the module for performance

11-12-2008, 07:35 AM
Sounds interresting, I'll look into this in combination with release add-on.