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02-04-2008, 03:22 PM
Thanks for the thanks. :D

@Tigratrus: Swuueeeeet that you read the readme. Ha ha, I spent the majority of today re/writing the dang thing, and yes, if you set no profile field, no ads show to those usergroups, assuming said persons are not in 'additional usergroup' that cannot turn off ads. Same goes for those usergroups that view ads; if persons are in a usergroup that cannot view ads, but are in an 'additional usergroup' that can view ads, said persons see ads. Think of it this way: tick marks rule across all usergroups.

The readme is indeed a HUGE improvement, Thanks!

Hrrrm... Turning adds off may still not work without profile field slight of hand though. Let me give a brief description of what we're trying to do, which I think is probably a common thing.

We want to use Geekmart (which can autopromote members to another group when they pay for it) to add "Registered Members" (who see adds) to a new group called "Site Supporters" who have paid a small fee to *not* see adds.

If I'm reading your response correctly, that won't work? Because Registered Members still see adds, and IIRC Geekmart just adds you to a group, it doesn't remove you from any groups (which would actually cause a lot of problems) that would make this not work? My biggest concern is having a profile field that says "turn off adds" if it doesn't work, would tend to annoy new members :p. Hmmm.... Is there a conditional to only show a profile field like that once the member is *in* a group that can turn adds off?

When I was testing using RC4, I found that you still saw adds unless you actually *used* the profile field to turn them off. It sounds like that might still be the case? I'll try and play with it later to confirm... I've got a ton of work to wade though on another project first though.

James and Susan

Just realized this may be a bad spot for this post. Let me know if you want me to post it in the GAB forum?

02-05-2008, 03:06 AM
If you don't want 'Site Supporters' to see ads, ticking the 'Usergroups that can turn off ads' box is all you need to do, leaving the profile field/value empty. The same type of thing goes for 'Usergroups that view ads' except you must untick all boxes for usergroups related to site supporters, i.e., ticks rule.