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01-18-2008, 02:20 AM
I'm not really solid on GAB implementation as, to be blunt, the documentation is at odds with the current product ("blocks" used in the documentation but not in the current version etc) and the whole system is just downright confusing. But that's part of the Geek charm after all ;).

Anyway, the problem I've run into is the inability to turn off adds by simply adding the member to a new group. If the member belongs to groups that *do* see the add as well as groups that do *not* see the add they appear to see the add. So you can't just add them to a new group (which we were planning to do via the license module of Geekmart, they pay a support fee and they get added to a group that supresses adds), you'd have to also remove them from the group that *does* see adds. Hrrrm...

So my workaround idea was to add them to a group that has the ability to turn off adds via a custom profile field, and then have a hidden profile field that's filled in to the default value (the one that will turn off adds) and set that value for all members via SQL update of the DB. Then as soon as the member is promoted to a group that is allowed to turn off the Adds they are instantly turned off.

But then Susan pointed out that we also wanted to use GAB for helpful hint type information, so that members could have a kind of tutorial mode where they get these little help screens everywhere, but can turn it off by setting a value in thier profile. The problem is that all of the systems that turn off adds turn off *ALL* adds, you can't have some that are turned off and some that aren't...

I have a feeling I'm rambling a bit, did that make sense to anyone else? And if so, *is* there a way to turn off *some* GAB adds without turning them all off? And is my autopopulated profile field that turns off the adds the best way to do this? Or is there a cleaner way that I'm just not seeing in my generally fuzzy understanding of how GAB works?

'K. I think I've more than used up my ? quota... At least for this post:p.

James and Susan

01-18-2008, 09:26 PM
When I get through GAB, I'll review this post. Right now I'm trying to finish GAL, but GAB comes after GAL. If I forget this post, feel free to bump it a few days after GAL is released.