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06-25-2007, 09:35 AM
i picked up a subscription... very easy install... tested a email.. these were things im trying to get a grip on.

1. im assuming that the email style they will recieve is my boards default style? or the style that they selected or last used? what i would like to accomplish is my default board style go in all emails regaurdless of their preferance.. they may already be happening and i just wanna confirm. and can i make the newsletter.php have a default style w/ no choices even if they are using a different style? reasoning for this is i use a light and a dark skin and some of the images i wanna include wont look good in both.

2. my header looks bad in the email... im using a paid style that has rollover navagation in the header. what happens is i loose all my rollovers whick im ok w/. but what i dont like is i loose the background and right image on my header... how can i fix that? im asuming the reason my left image is showing is because its in the url paths section in my style manager?

im sorry if these are stupid questions... :confused:

The Geek
06-25-2007, 10:04 AM
Hey there,

1- Your users are getting the newsletters in the style and language they are have set on your site. There currently isnt an option to override the newsletter or the email style settings (though I think it could be a useful option). I would suggest putting it as a feature request in the bug tracker so I don't lose it :)

2- This is why GAZ has its own header templates... its not just a matter of losing the rollovers, it is a matter of many email reader totally stripping out some images even after they request to download them (i.e. gmail and hotmail stripping out css external images).
The best strategy here is to attempt to suplicate the looks as best as possible in the GAZ templates with as few external images in the CSS as possible. Even then, I will use the inline style tools to use similar background colours as the css background images just in case they dont get downloaded.
Life would be much easier if email readers had standards, but creating an email generation system is 100 times worse than creating a cross browser web page :)

Hope this helps hed some light for you :)