View Full Version : Showing GARS threadimage in thread block?

06-05-2007, 08:53 PM
Hey, I'm very satisfied with GAZ so far! Great Product!! :)

But is there a possibility of showing GARS header images (the ones on the left of threads in forumview, the ones uploaded when creating a new article) within the thread block?

Right now, no thread images are shown, no matter which of the three included templates I chose. :confused:


The Geek
06-06-2007, 06:41 AM
A GARS module is in the works :)

06-06-2007, 08:37 AM
Great news!! Keep up the good work! :)

06-20-2007, 07:39 PM
Will this be in the Gold release? Would be lovely...:)

Susan and James

06-20-2007, 07:51 PM
Oh yeah, this would be too sweet to be true!! :D

The Geek
06-21-2007, 12:40 AM
The GARS module wont be in the gold release :(

11-17-2008, 10:38 PM
I think this has not been done yet?

11-22-2008, 12:35 AM
Nope, but the threadblock.php file is the one that would likely need to be edited.