View Full Version : Idea for solving GM UI problem?

04-11-2007, 04:09 PM
At least partially and for the short term...

Here's our Idea:

Allow us to call geekmart.php with additional parameters to include not just product id but item id as well? Then admins could build their own front end for item selection and just bring up the specific item that the user is interested in buying.

More importantly we'd really love to be able to just pass an amount to GM to process with maybe a text string to specify what is being purchased. We have a number of things in mind where the value may be variable and not easily nailed down to discrete items with specific prices.

Example: User Donations. This is a big one actually, MANY sites subsist largely on donations and allowing the members to specify their own value for a pure donation (not a subscription or promotional item etc) is quite useful. IT would be useful to be able to promote an account to different usergroup levels depending meeting certain thresholds, but that would probably require a separate module? A donations module would be a total godsend for many sites

Example: We have a system we are building where the member will be selecting *many* different options. The potential number of combinations are astronomical, but the system would be able to add up the costs fairly simply. We'd love to be able to just send a processing request to GM with something like:
http://www.ikeafans.com/forums/marketplace.php?do=process&cost=4250&descrip=LBG Customization

process is just specifying a simple transaction process request
cost is the value of the transation in the current no seperator format
descrip is the text description of what the payment is for

The ability to submit simple payment requests for processing would be invaluable, and would allow site developers to extend the usefulness of GM without having to be able to code their own modules etc.

Well, I think that about covers it... Hope it's something that others would find useful and that it's easy to implement;)

James and Susan