View Full Version : GARS 2.1.4 Announcement

The Geek
01-08-2007, 07:02 PM
A new version of GARS is availible in the download area for active license holders. Please be sure to view the release thread FIRST.



01-14-2007, 04:55 AM
woohoo another upgrade :)

I'm like 5 version back now

guess I Have to upgrade now :p

*edit* I don't see any upgrade instructions ?

I see a link in the read me to an old thread on the forum

I remember when I was thinking about upgrading last time that you said I'd have to uninstall something


The Geek
01-14-2007, 11:05 PM
Hey Brandon, check out the link in the first post for info. Also, the download page has upgrade info on it now. Its as easy as pie :)