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12-11-2006, 02:17 PM
vBulletin skins by eXaltic (http://exaltic.com)
eXaltic is the newest forum design team on the net that offers some of the most detailed and original forum designs ever made available as templates. Members of our team are the original designers of some of the best forum skins found on more popular sites like transversestyles, extremepixels and others.

From the exotic colors in our logo you could see that we offer lots of colors, and color variation is something we strive to offer in our designs. We are now open with our first line up of skins and will soon have another 9 skins, which including color variations add up to over 30 skins!

Our skin line up includes one design based on Gears of War and another will work for games like Company of Heroes and Battlefield 2142.

http://www.exaltic.com/previews/skinview/assault_squad_fps.jpg (http://www.exaltic.com/product/assault_squad_fps) http://www.exaltic.com/previews/skinview/assault_squad_wars.jpg (http://www.exaltic.com/product/assault_squad_wars)

So check us out for your vbulletin skins at www.exaltic.com (http://exaltic.com).