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Chad Beattie
11-30-2006, 05:16 AM
Tunesmith Is About The Song. Without a powerful song to perform, there would be no recording artists, labels, or records. Our main goals are to Spotlight Strong Songwriting, and to offer our members craft advice whenever we can, through various forms (Seminars, our Popular Message Boards, our Thursday Night Live Pro Critiques, etc) ...and to provide solid networking opportunities for our members to go after. We want to be known as an organization that speaks honestly to our members about their commercial songwriting potential, rather than give them lip service. The realities of the music business can be pretty devastating. The truth about your current skills as a songwriter can be equally devastating, if you're not prepared to hear it. We are here to do whatever we can, to help you climb that next rung on the ladder of your songwriting dreams, one step at a time