View Full Version : Shipping Charges Not Being Picked up by PayPal

Fred Weiss
03-05-2006, 09:27 PM
Hi all.

I spent most of today getting Geekmart setup and all looked good until the first member went to buy ssomething. He pointed out to me that although thetotal shown in the cart was correct, that when he got to PayPal he was only being charged for the goods and not the shipping.

I've done a search here with no luck and think it's something simple I've missed. Can anybody point me in the right direction.


The Geek
03-08-2006, 09:00 AM
Can you PM me a shop URL please?

Fred Weiss
03-11-2006, 01:42 AM
At this point, I have

removed all postage and base postage and added a flat postage rate into the price of each item and limiting orders to US members only so I don't lose money mailing the product
in doing so I find that then an error is generated when a product is added to the cart
checking further, I find that adding any figure to the base postage for each product eliminates the error and yet does not add the base postage to the price charged
with this limited configuration, the order can be processed by PayPal. Any deviation and it will not work

The Geek
03-11-2006, 05:42 PM
Im working on duplicating and finding a solution for you