View Full Version : won't add buyer to usergroup

02-05-2006, 06:05 AM
I am currently having this problem with gmart.
When a buyer buys something from the shop, it won't add him to the secondary usergroup that has download permissions for that product item.

I have tried with both mods license and membership and the result is always the same.

I am currently testing it in paypal sandbox and everything else works just fine. The buyer gets the automatic PM too once he returns to the site from paypal.

I have checked many times over and over again the user group VB permissions and the settings of both gmart and geeker.

Is this something you know about or is it most likely to be my error?

Thank you in advance for the help

The Geek
02-05-2006, 10:46 AM
are you sure that sandbox is sending the IPN details? Ive had problems with IPNs being sent from sandbox (though none on the live version).
You should be able to watch your WOL for geemart.php?do=ipn access after the transaction and it should happen within moments of finishing on sandbox.