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01-30-2006, 06:48 PM
I have just bought and installed GARS, and I am pretty excited about what I've seen so far. I recently upgraded a system that I had built by using the old vBindex hack and heavily customizing it. I need to put the old v2.3 vb system back up so that I can demonstrate what I'm trying to recreate, but maybe I can explain it here.

The site is an information/community site for phones that have a built in PDA. I created "FAQ" pages that had the following layout...

* Top of page... same header and columns as other portal pages
* PDAPhone Information ... picture(s) of the device, along with a table of data such as screen size, radio type, size, weight, etc. I created this information buy adding a table to the database that had it, and hacked up the news display code to pull it back in vBi
* Device Specific News ... I kept (keep) news split up by product family, so for this device, only the news relevant to it would be displayed
* FAQs ... I had a forum for each device, and each thread was a different FAQ. I had added an idex table to also categorize the FAQs, and then I organized them by category. I could probably do this by modifying the article input script to add another field for category... not sure if there is an easier way. On this page, I only listed the thread title, and no other information.
* Links... I did this before with a thread and manually put the links in there... now I've got vBa Links which should do it fine.

So, I want to construct this type of thing, it looks like the combination of CMPS, GARS, and vBa Links, I can put this together with a little extra coding. So what is the best way to approach this to make the least amount of work. I need parts of GARS and vBa to do it. Should the page be a GARS page, or a vBa page... I believe its probably vBa. This is why I posted this here... to get opinion on whether this might be easier to do from GARS.

The Geek
01-31-2006, 09:39 PM
My best guess would be to have the information, news and FAQ sections as forums (and/or subforums) that GARS controls - however its tough to say without seeing your existing layout. Most everything should be able to be accomplished without any hacking.