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  1. Feature items forever?
  2. Stickies
  3. Does GARS retroactively add custom fields?
  4. SQL Errors on Re-Sync Ratings
  5. Any way to change the appearance of results from multiple checkboxes??
  6. GARS Custom Date Module
  7. Last 10 Gars on homepage, NOT forum homepage
  8. Help Please , Rating comments and views not showing
  9. If I respond to a review and don't change the review score it posts anyway
  10. Is GARS the best solution for me?
  11. Weird Bug, Author can't edit thread
  12. Newbie Help
  13. A template question... how do I?
  14. Name for first page...
  15. A question before I purchase.
  16. Turn off article image in forum display?
  17. Everything I edit becomes featured
  18. Streamlined Review List. Anyone have?
  19. Search Articles by first letter and custom fields
  20. Cleaning up review comment display
  21. Featured Module on Forum Display
  22. Showthread module size
  23. Different Font Size for Article Heading in Firefox vs. IE
  24. What am I doing wrong?
  25. Release/Install: Show all installed
  26. Error: Parse error: syntax error unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE
  27. Look like default vB forumdisplay, but with filter at top?
  28. Header Image/Custom Field Thumbnail
  29. Where can I see a GARS demo or GARS in action?
  30. How do I change the Print Preview logo?
  31. Module Questions
  32. Main body font is too small for some reason.
  33. CMPS block not parsing HTML
  34. W3 validation problems galore
  35. Invoice?
  36. Need help with fixing minor issue
  37. Possible to move the Comments Table?
  38. Edit button is disappearing
  39. show thanks button in 3.6.7 with gars
  40. Threaded Mode: change by Forum
  41. Adding Post Reference to TOC Links for Anchoring to Text Start
  42. 2.1.7c upgrade with copyright info
  43. Change Width at Table of Contents?
  44. Error when deleting a thread
  45. Forum Display and Image URL lengths
  46. Ability To Turn Custom Field Shells Off and On
  47. Term sets and translation
  48. Display box of checkboxes
  49. Bringing it to one line...
  50. GARS 2.1.8 Release Discussion
  51. Personal Reviews into QuickReply
  52. What do you think of my GAR's site? XboxLiveArcade.com?
  53. Suggestion for future release
  54. Migrating from Censura to GARS for reviews
  55. how to?
  56. Module to add a bigger image?
  57. Latest Threads Module?
  58. Upgrade order vBulletin/GARS
  59. Trying to find some snazzy looking images.
  60. Ratings in Forum Display do not Match Showthread
  61. GARS 2.1.8b & 2.1.8c release discussion
  62. 2.1.8 Upgrade messed up my whole system!
  63. How i know Gars is active
  64. Display custom fields
  65. Upgrade Problem
  66. Compare Custom Fields in Articles?
  67. what is the template gars_simple_pb?
  68. Include Videos?
  69. New to Vb
  70. How do you rebuild the cached settings?
  71. No Gallery Function here???
  72. after upgrade, no upload
  73. Change Custom Field Type
  74. Example of unusual integration of GARS and vBadvanced
  75. Couple of quick questions
  76. About vbadvanced bar
  77. Filter Module
  78. Custom Module checklist (thumbnail to orginal image)
  79. page breaks
  80. Unusual Adsense code being displayed
  81. Header Image
  82. Link Directory Snap Module
  83. problems with image verification
  84. Upgrade to 2.1.8c upload header image not more possible
  85. suggestion - add filter by url on newthread
  86. Error on Purchase Page
  87. Problem with custom field thmbnail to original image
  88. Wie stelle ich GARS ein?
  89. Bug with posting?
  90. Restrict Rating to Usergroup
  91. Server Chance Bug
  92. Author of article?
  93. GARS, Deutsche Uebersetzung
  94. Link Directory and Filter
  95. Listing product model numbers
  96. 'new reply' buttons - where to find them?
  97. using a different header for gars (with includes)
  98. Topic Image and vBa?
  99. Click here to read the entire review. how to disable?
  100. how to add?
  101. template customization
  102. GARS 2.1.8c Reply and Comment Buttons
  103. navbar link
  104. issue with formatting
  105. No more standard polls in GARS forums?
  106. condition="$show['newthreadlink']
  107. articles creation dialog exactly like reviews
  108. Interested in GARS... but
  109. Linking articles
  110. How to unfeature
  111. When will we see an update to GARS?
  112. Upload headers don't showing
  113. Silly Question
  114. Question
  115. Featured Items
  116. Review Module - Request
  117. Displaying A Custom Field In Threadview
  118. Modifying the review templates and changing image sizes
  119. anymedia with gars?
  120. New module blocks out guests
  121. Overall Ratings
  122. Modifying GARS so that it can handle pro and contra arguments
  123. Problem with attachments
  124. Issues with showing the subforums.
  125. Did a quick search.
  126. New Member Feedback
  127. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /geek/gars/includes/gars.....
  128. Review Percentages
  129. Pull down menu?
  130. GARS Web Page
  131. using INDENT not valid for vbadvanced
  132. GARS Spam
  133. Total Review
  134. Colored member names not visible
  135. adding rel="nofollow" to link directory
  136. How to change forumdisplay layout?
  137. Remove or move Article Tools cell?
  138. Change last 5 articles/most popular 5 artilces to a differnet number
  139. How to forbid the upload of header images with wrong dimensions?
  140. Order by...
  141. rating question
  142. Random Article Box
  143. Mysterious line of code in GARS_edit
  144. Image overwrite
  145. Custom fields only
  146. Lots of gallery images
  147. Buttons for Term Sets
  148. Creating new Term Sets
  149. Why Cant Unregistered Users View Content?
  150. SQL Error
  151. Error on importing XML file
  152. Need Urgent Help with Error
  153. Can't renew license...
  154. Image verification missing
  155. Question regarding subcategories
  156. Fatal error: Class 'geek_Upload_Image' not found
  157. Problems with Feature and Top X
  158. Author Reviews show up as a member review
  159. I'm going to stop upgrading :(
  160. german version
  161. Reviews Post Counter
  162. How can i use the stars...?
  163. Using the Gallerie
  164. Link Directory
  165. GARS transfer?
  166. Problem: THIS_SCRIPT == forumdisplay
  167. pages not displayed
  168. Modulbox with AME
  169. What is the difference?
  170. Removed the 'featured' block, but the space is still there
  171. how can i division long thread?
  172. re-sync ratings not working
  173. turn auto-feature off?
  174. Presale question
  175. What is the best way? Linked default image...
  176. Member selector??
  177. Assign threadprefixes via Drop-Down
  178. How to make custom field data show up in templates?
  179. GARS wont create an GAL Link
  180. Gars correct choice for my site?
  181. Title of first page in the article is missing
  182. how to Default page
  183. Category of Article/Review
  184. Is there an RSS Feed module for GARS?
  185. Error message
  186. Change out of thumbnail
  187. Presale Questions
  188. Ignore vB's edit time limit problem
  189. Different Featured Items in different browsers
  190. News Archive (CMPS)
  191. Get rid of a few thing on showthread
  192. Cache settings issues
  193. Can you copy an existing thread into the articles forum?
  194. pb on the database since new install
  195. Alignment is off
  196. GARS type 3; last article repeats
  197. vBa New Module and GARS
  198. Insert link to site navigation
  199. Remove "Last Activity"
  200. Different Default Header Images
  201. making printable version payable?
  202. GARS Newbie question
  203. Day and time?
  204. Ratings in the thread
  205. Admin
  206. Trouble with Edit Post
  207. Can't un-feature articles; tried everything I can think of.
  208. Is This Possible?
  209. Ran into this problem while trying to upload a screenshot:
  210. vBulletin 3.8.6/GARS v2.1.8 - compatible?
  211. AdminCP not showing...
  212. GARS 2.1.8c-I can not delete custom module.
  213. [pre-sale] GARS working with datastore in XCache ?
  214. Use Gars on another site.
  215. Auto link module?
  216. Domain ?nderung !!!
  217. Downloading GARs
  218. GARS 1.0 compatible with vB 3.6.8
  219. Ad Placement
  220. Need location for GARS install thread
  221. Read More... controlling the break
  222. Custom field layout help
  223. replys not showing up
  224. The future of GARS...?
  225. GARS license 4 sale (brand-free)
  226. So there's no possible way to purchase the script?
  227. Word Wrap?
  228. GARS CMPS Module caching?
  229. Display image thumb in custom template?
  230. Started getting MySQL Error 1064 when editing Review
  231. Uninstall GARS
  232. RSS Feeds not working for GARS forums
  233. GARS License
  234. GARS_existing_image : Upload from an URL?
  235. latest install info= where is it?
  236. Wanted: GARS
  237. Gars 2.0.0 RC 5 to the latest version
  238. nominate for MOTM?
  239. Latest stable GARS ver for 3.5x
  240. Problem with member's rating in threadbit
  241. GARs + vBGallery module request
  242. no support
  243. Release Mod Help....
  244. VBSeo 3.1 feature incompatibility with GARS
  245. Does GARS2.1.8c work on vB3.6.8 for anyone?
  246. vB 3.7 and GARS
  247. AJAX TABs for GARs CMPS Module
  248. Trying to pay for more download access
  249. vb 3.7 Beta
  250. Feature image does not display for GARS